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  • Saturday, August 11, 2007

    NEW YORK FOCUS: Congressional Rematch

    In 2006, we almost unseated one of the more corrupt Bush lap dogs in Congress, Vito Fossella (NY-13). Vito was challenged almost out of the blue by Steve Harrison, a local community leader who ran a strictly grassroots campaign and with only $100,000 raised, gave Vito Fossella a strong run for his money...and Vito had GOBS of money, outspending Harrison 10:1.

    If Steve could come within 13,000 votes of defeating Fossella spending only $100,000, just think what he could do if he actually had some money to run!

    Well, we may get to find out this year. Steve Harrison announced this last week that he is eager for a rematch. This time, though, Harrison is getting an earlier start and the DNC and DCCC have already started eyeing this race. Last year they largely ignored it. They don't plan on making the same mistake this year.

    Vito Fossella is already running scared, coming out with Karl Rove style attacks mere days after Harrison announced.

    I met Steve last year and liked him quite a bit. He had a real knack for relaxing and reaching out to people, whether they were progressives or blue collar conservatives. People LIKED him, and THAT is what can win an election.

    Let me quote from the NY Times about Fossella from last year when they endorsed Steve Harrison:

    Fossella [is] anything but the independent fighter for constituents that he claims to be in this campaign. He has been a real water-carrier for the Bush administration and the Republican leadership, staunchly backing the war in Iraq while at the same time denying health benefits to National Guard and Reserve members who make up much of the American force there.

    The congressman...has been unsympathetic to environmental concerns and has opposed a woman’s right to choose. He does his constituents no favors by his support for privatizing Social Security. He has voted to protect gun makers and sellers. While Mr. Fossella has lately sought funding to deal with health problems related to to the attacks of Sept. 11, he has largely been missing on important local issues. His Democratic colleague, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who represents the Sixth District, has often been left to advocate Staten Island’s many transportation needs, including the North Shore rail.

    Mr. Fossella has offered only lame excuses for improperly using his campaign funds for skiing holidays in Vail (including lessons and equipment), as well as vacations in Florida — transgressions first reported by the Daily News. He has received donations from a lobbying firm with ties to Jack Abramoff. Earlier this year, he was fined a reported $60,000 for misusing his taxpayer-funded official mailing privileges.

    You can read more about Vito Fossella's corruption here (DCCC website)

    and at my Target the Corrupt Republican website.

    The NY Times gave Harrison a much more glowing description last year in their endorsement:

    Mr. Harrison...is an attractive alternative to Mr. Fossella in his own right. Mr. Harrison has a presence in both sides of the district; he resides in Brooklyn, while his mother and sister live on Staten Island.

    As chair of Community Board 10 in Brooklyn, he demonstrated leadership as he oversaw one of the city’s largest efforts to contain overdevelopment through rezoning. He has a good command of the issues, and a feel for the concerns of the district. Mr. Harrison surprised many with his passion and keen intelligence in a series of debates with Mr. Fossella. The distinctions could not be clearer. We endorse Mr. Harrison for Congress.

    And let me end with a quote from Steve Harrison regarding the Iraq War:

    What are we doing in Iraq? Saddam is dead, we found no weapons of mass destruction, and we know that Iraq didn’t attack us — we need to get out.

    Help us elect Steve Harrison (running for NY-13) and other worthy Democrats to Congress from NY State. Please donate through the new, official Daily Gotham Act Blue Site.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Interestingly, if you google Vito Fossella number 23 on the list is an interesting Ubrandictionary definition. Apparantly, someone thought Vito Fossella is a "Lying Sack of Shit." I cannot comment on the "Sack of Shit" part of this comparison, however I do know for a fact that Vito Fossella is a liar. Vito Fossella has lied about the legality of his campaign expenditures. It seems that Vito Fossella broke the law in using campaign funds for personal trips for himself and his family. Vito Fossella claimed that "mistakes were made," but the truth was laws were broken. Another lie is that Vito Fossella claims to be independent, but Vito Fossella has voted Bush's party line more than 90% of the time. This has led many to claim that Vito Fossella is nothing more than Bush's Lap Dog.

    8:19 PM  

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