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  • Saturday, May 05, 2007


    After Ann Coulter spouted some anti-gay rhetoric to attack Edwards, the progressive blogsphere launched a very successful attack on Ann Coulter's website, leading to almost every single advertiser pulling their ads from her website. Ann Coulter's hate speech hasn't just been anti-gay. She has also advocated assassination of Supreme Court justices, attacking liberals with baseball bats (after which some right wingers DID physically attack a professor in Kansas who opposed teaching creationism), and bombing buildings in NYC. This kind of advocacy for terrorism has to be opposed. I do not call for her to be censored. But I do call for a boycott of any company that advertises with her.

    New advertisers are popping up on her website, replacing those who chose to drop her like a hot potato. This is covered in this Daily Kos diary. I am asking you to contact these advertisers and express your outrage that they support the website of someone who publicly advocates attacks on American citizens. Three of the new advertisers has already agreed to pull their ads, including one I targeted, the Maryland Office of Tourism.

    I would like to start with Edmunds.com, a site for car buyers. Edmunds.com swore publicly that they would stop advertising with Ann Coulter. They didn't keep their promise. They continued to advertise with her and deserve special attentiopn by compouding their support of a terrorist advocate with misleading their customers. After renewed pressure, they have once AGAIN sworn to remove their ads from Coulter's site. But I think they need to be pressured more to show them that we didn't appreciate their being misleading. Contact Edmunds.com and tell them you hope that THIS time they really will withdraw their support of Ann Coulter's hate speech.

    I also recommend writing Starwood Hotels (Westin) since this Ann Coulter advertiser depend on tourists from all over the nation, including places like NYC where Ann Coulter has suggested people plant bombs. You can mention that the Maryland Department of Tourism has withdrawn their ads in disgust and that you suggest that Starwood hotels do the same.

    I am personally a customer of Allstate Insurance, which also now advertises on Ann Coulter's site, so I wrote them telling them if they don't pull their ads I will start shopping around for another insurance carrier. I am still awaiting an answer and I would appreciate your help in pressuring them so that I don't HAVE to shop for a new insurance company. More advertisers are listed in the Daily Kos diary mentioned above.

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