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  • Sunday, September 09, 2012

    Obama is going to win...now let's give him Congress

    I grew up when almost everyone said "America is not ready for a black President." Or, at best, "IS America ready for a black President."

    Well we learned the answer in 2008, but in some ways the extreme (and extremist) hostility against President Obama, right down to the refusal to even recognize him as a legitimate American, always made me wonder whether 2008 was a fluke and too much racism remained in America for the idea of a black President to be widely accepted.

    Well, thanks to these photos in this Daily Kos diary by Scott Woodlege, I now know that the election of Barack Obama as President of the US of A in 2008, though certainly not the end of racism in America, was a MAJOR milestone in history.

    From the original article:

    In this key swing state, Obama stopped at Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant, where he was greeted by owner Scott Van Duzer, a muscular man dressed in a gray T-shirt and matching athletic shorts...

    Van Duzer is a registered Republican, but he voted for Obama in 2008 and said he will do so again in November.

    “I don’t vote party line, I vote who I feel comfortable with, and I do feel extremely comfortable with him,” he said. Apparently, the Secret Service gave him the go-ahead to lift Obama “as long as I didn’t take him away.”
     Looking at this I KNOW, even more strongly than I had before, that Obama is going to sweep the floor with Romney in November.

    My fear is this: Congress will be even more obstructionist than ever and Obama will have a hard time getting anything done.

    That is why we have to win big in both the Senate and the House. I have already raised almost $2000 for this...I want us to raise more.

    If you just want to cut to the chase:



    See below for key races.

    Let' start with the Senate.

    Tammy Baldwin WI-Sen

    This is one I particularly want to win. I want to see Democrats really sweep Wisconsin to show the Repubs we do NOT appreciate their anti-women, anti-union, anti-working class and anti-middle class "values."
    Republicans are gunning hard for Tammy and may well win. We have to fight HARD for this one.

    Elizabeth Warren MA-Sen

    A top Progressive and one of our best pick up shots.

    Claire McCaskill MO-Sen

    McCaskill is fighting against Mr. "Legitimate Rape" Akin. Need I say more?

    Tim Kaine VA-Sen

    Virginia is a big battleground state, as always these days. Winning this race is part of the overall strategy of pushing Virginia more solidly Blue. This is one of the main tossup races for the Senate this year and we HAVE to win it.

    Joe Donnelly IN-Sen

    Another Blue Dog and quite conservative. But I have had something of a soft spot for Donnelly. Plus this is one of the few chances of actually winning more Senate seats. Next to Virginia, this is the closest Senate race this year and one we have to win.

    Jon Tester MT-Sen

    A Blue Dog but if we want to keep the Senate we need him.

    Shelley Berkley NV-Sen

    Something of a longshot but worth fighting for. Plus Nevada is a swing state so pushing it Bluer is a worthy goal.

    Bill Nelson FL-Sen

    This race is looking pretty good for Nelson, but given that it is Florida, who knows what crap the Repubs will pull. We need to solidly win to avoid the Greedy Oil Party from stealing it.

    Now let's turn to the House. There are LOTS of races. These are the ones I choose to focus on because they are close races, they are in critical districts and/or they include really good candidates.

    Christie Vilsack IA-04

    This is one of the most critical races in 2012. A key swing district in a key swing state, this race also pits the excellent Christie Vilsack against Teabagger extremist Steven King who is so mean spirited he even was one of only eleven Congressmen (all Republicans) who voted AGAINST giving aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This is a clear cut choice between Vilsack's effective and compassionate leadership and King's disgusting right wing extremism.

    Bill Foster IL-11

    Bill Foster is an excellent candidate. A brilliant scientists and successful entrepreneur he brings much needed expertise to Congress...something that we desperately need. He is very much a moderate running in a moderate district. A perfect fit.
    Bill Foster has been endorsed by the Associated Firefighters of Illinois, AFL-CIO State Federation of Illinois, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Amalgamated Transit Union Local #308, and many others.

    Pat Kreitlow WI-07

    Patrick Kreitlow is the Democratic Candidate in this seat. Another key swing district in a key swing district. This seat is currently held by Sean Duffy (R). Wisconsin has been such a major battlefield this really is a seat we need to win. Let's show the Republicans that Wisconsin is going blue.

    Patrick Kreitlow has been endorsed by the Intl. Association of Firefighters, Steelworkers Union, National Farmers Union, NARAL Pro-Choice America Intl. Brotherhood of Teamsters, AFL-CIO, League of Conservation Voters, Planned Parenthood Action Fund Sierra Club, United Auto Workers, WI Federation of Nurses, and WI Alliance for Retired American, among others.

    Charlie Wilson OH-06

    One of the most critical districts in the country...the Presidency and the House could ride on this one district. It is considered a weak Repub hold but we can knock that out.

    Charlie Wilson has been endorsed by International Association of Fire Fighters, International Association of Iron Workers (IPAL), Building and Construction Trades - AFL-CIO, International Association of Machinists, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, United Steel Workers and many others.

    Betty Sue Sutton OH-16

    Another critical swing district in Ohio. It is considered a weak Repub hold but we can win if we try.

    Betty Sue Sutton has been endorsed by Cleveland Stonewall Democrats, Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters, Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council C.O.P.E., Tri-County Regional Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Fraternal Order of Police, Districts 1 & 8, Coalition of Women Voters, North Shore AFL-CIO, and many others.

    Ami Bera CA-07

    A great candidate running against entrenched Republican incumbent Dan Lungren. Ami Bera is a doctor and formerly former Chief Medical Officer for the County of Sacramento. He would be an excellent addition to Congress.

    Joe Miklosi CO-06

    Another swing district in a key swing state. Joe Miklosi is the Democratic candidate in this district. This is considered a very weak hold by the GOP and very likely a pick up by Democrats if we fight hard. This seat is currently held by Mike Coffman (R).

    John Oceguera NV-03

    NV-3 is another critical swing district this year and this is a very weak Repub seat. John Oceguera has a good shot at winning if we fight hard for it. He is a firefighter and paramedic, someone we definitely could use in Congress!

    Jose Hernandez CA-10

    Jose Hernandez is a former astronaut running for Congress against a right wing extremist. What more could you want?? Weakly held Repub district.

    Carol Shea-Porter NH-01

    NH-1 is another swing district in a swing state and another weakly held Repub district. This would be a great one to win.

    Ann McLane Kuster NH-02

    NH-2 is a swing district we have real shot of winning.

    Paul Hirschbiel VA-02

    VA-2 is a key swing district in Virginia, a key swing state. Very business oriented, but that may be what we need to win this district. And his opponent is anti-choice, anti-women's rights, anti-gay, bigoted and has always spent hundreds of thousands of his own money to buy elections. We can do better. Paul Hirschbiel will give us better.

    Alan Grayson FL-09

    Alan Grayson is one of the most powerful progressive voices in America, and he has a real shot at defeating a Teabagger incumbent. Yet another swing district in a swing state.

    Keith Fitzgerald FL-16

    Aiming to defeat Vern Buchannan, one of the WORST teabaggers out there.

    Patrick Murphy FL-18

    Aiming to defeat yet another horrible teabagger, Alan West.

    Joe Garcia FL-26

    Joe Garcia is one of our best candidates this year. This is a close race and one we need to focus HEAVILY on.

    Herb Rule AR-02

    This seat is currently held by Tim Griffin (R). I was born in this district and would love to see it flip true blue.

    YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. 2012 is going to be a pivotal year in history because it is NOW we decide whether we keep following the failed republican vision or start refocusing our nation's vision to something better. Obama will win. But we need Congress too and we need you to achieve that.




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