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  • Friday, March 02, 2012

    Country Music and Liberal Values: Loretta Lynn

    I am not Country Music fan. But I have to say it amazes me that a fundamentally working class genre has been hijacked by the right wing. Look back to the prison songs of Johnny Cash and tell me he would have supported Romney, Gingrich or Santorum (I can never fathom Ron Paul supporters, so who knows there).

    Over at DKos is a reference to a Loretta Lynn song about contraception that really shows that Country Music is far from a right wing genre but was founded on liberal values almost as much as folk music (a related and cross-pollinating genre). The song, "The Pill" says it all about why the Republican attack on contraception is a fundamentally anti-women and anti-freedom stand (not to mention a way to make sure abortion rates increase):

    Loretta Lynn, whether she would have billed herself as such, was without question a feminist singer (in fact I think she is referred to as a "hillbilly feminist"). In addition to being pro contraception, she also sang a song, Rated X, highlighting hypocritical standards for women in society:

    And you can bet the Bush family, Billionaire Koch Brothers, Mitt Romney and the 1% would have NO idea what Coal Miner's Daughter is all about (though I bet Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama would):

    So let's remember that the Republicans and America's right wing are fundamentally anti-working class and anti-middle class. And Country Music, for all my personal preferences, is fundamentally a working class genre. So why the hell are the Republicans and their Billionaire Masters hijacking the genre?




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