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Mole's Progressive Democrat

The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

I am a research biologist in NYC. Married with two kids living in Brooklyn.

  • Help end world hunger
  • Sunday, October 02, 2011

    Progressive Democrat Newsletter 303

    It was my son, Jacob's, birthday this last week. One of the things I have done every year on his birthday is make a donation to plant trees somewhere in the world to help the environment and combat global warming. I do this specifically to help his future. This last week also saw the death of the first African woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, Wangari Maathai, the founder of the Green Belt Movement which linked democracy, women's empowerment and the environment in a way that reminds me of my mother's old lectures as an Anthropologist describing the ties between feminism and environmentalism.

    In honor of Wangari Maathai and for Jacob's future and the future of all children who will be suffering the consequences of our generations' poor environmental practices, please consider a donation to the excellent Green Belt Movement.

    More on Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai:

    This past couple of weeks yet more top ranking al-Qaeda leaders around the world have been captured or killed. Adding to Obama's success rate at fighting the people who attacked us compared with Bush's near complete failure. The secret to Obama's success was to stop fighting the illegal Bush quagmire in Iraq, which was NEVER connected to the 9/11 attacks on America, and focus our resources on fighting the people who actually attacked us.

    How US tracked Anwar al-Awlaki to his death in Yemen

    Afghanistan Haqqani militant Haji Mali Khan captured

    and an analysis from a source not usually considered favorable to Democrats:

    The killing of Anwar al-Awlaki: A crippling blow

    Obama's foreign policy:

    1. re-establish respect and trust around the world (accomplished and recognized with a Nobel Prize)

    2. Wind down the illegal Bush Quagmire in Iraq (substantially done...too slow and incomplete, but still substantially done)

    3. get bin Laden (DONE!)

    4. cripple al-Qaeda (in progress...after years of al-Qaeda growing under Bush, they are finally being seriously hurt under Obama)

    5. stabilize Afghanistan...(well, I HOPE this is in progress)

    and along the way he has taken advantage of circumstances to bring democracy to Egypt and Libya and take down Qadaffi, someone Bush supported and Reagan couldn't get.

    I'd say not bad given the mess Obama was handed. Not perfect, but not bad.

    Here in New York many people have been trying to take on Wall Street in protest of the pro-Billionaire policies that Bush established and continue too much under Obama. Mayor Bloomberg has been responding with mass arrests and thuggish police tactics. Those of us who remember being called terrorists because we protested the Republican Convention in NYC in 2004 are not surprised at Bloomberg's tactics. He hates dissent and is willing to use illegal police tactics to stifle it. Ask the organization (or disorganization) Critical Mass. Their participation in the 2004 anti-Bush protests brought down full scale Bloomberg-ordered persecution against them. And I personally saw undercover police on motor scooters antagonize the protesters (unsuccessfully, I proudly add) by pushing their motor scooters DANGEROUSLY into the crowd. This was a deliberate provocation tactic by the NYPD and they are doing the same kinds of crap now.

    We're Not Broke, Just Twisted: Extreme Wealth Inequality in America:

    To find out more about the opposition to pro-Billionaire policies, check out Occupy Wall Street.

    And a reminder about how YOU can fight Wall Street every day by changing your banking practices (it will get you better customer service and probably better terms than your current bank gives you), click here to find out about better banking. We ALL can say "no" to Wall Street while helping our local economy and small businesses.

    And on another front, (and one where cops and liberals agree!) fighting back against the right wing extremist Republican attack on firefighters, nurses and cops:

    Here is this week's newsletter:



    Democrats Routinely Better for the Economy

    Some history: Khazars and Jews in the Middle Ages...not overtly political, except in the context of some anti-Israel claims

    Reminder of the worst of the worst Tax Dodging Companies


    "Stamp out anti-science in US politics"

    Crowds swell Wall Street protests

    Matt Taibbi on the evolution of the Occupy Wall Street protest (From Current TV):

    Another reason to boycott Bank of America: Bank of America hit after debit fee news

    American Jihadi: Vanguard Trailer (from Current TV)


    How about this amazing combination: BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Etta James - Midnight Hour

    And a version of the same song from a movie I think should be better known: (the lead singer was only 16 at the time, I am told)

    Irish doing the blues!

    And another Wilson Pickett song sung by the Commitments:

    And one more of BB King with Stevie Ray Vaughn (also with Albert Collins):

    Same song as a guitar duet with Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King:



    Silicon Valley Area, CA Focus

    Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley/San Gabriel Valley, CA Focus


    Richmond, VA Focus

    Virginia Focus: Who’s Waging Class Warfare, Mr. Cantor?

    Virginia Focus: David Bernard for State Senate - District 10 (Progressive Majority Endorsement, EMT) (2011 endorsement)

    Virginia focus: David Bernard is Pleased to Announce a Range of Endorsements from Critical Community Organizations.

    Virginia Focus: E. Wayne Powell for Congress (2011 endorsement)

    To help elect Progressive Democrats in Virginia, here are some local Dem organizations worth checking out if you live nearby:

    Hanover County Democratic Committee:
    Meet Second Saturday of every month
    9:00am - 10:30am
    Location: Ashland Coffee and Tea
    Address: PO Box 22
    Ashland, VA 23005

    E-mail: info@hvadems.com

    Louisa County Democratic Committee
    Meetings Third Wednesday of every month
    6 pm at Roma's in Louisa
    For more info contact: (540) 967-5302

    Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee
    The Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee meets the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Salem Church Library, 2607 Salem Church Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
    (540) 785-9267

    Albemarle County Democratic Committee
    300 Preston Avenue, Suite 308
    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    Monthly Meeting of the Albemarle Democratic Committee is the third Monday of every month, 5:30pm – 7:00pm
    Albemarle County Office Building, room 235, 401 McIntire Rd, Charlottesville

    Franklin Democratic Committee
    Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 4:15 PM at the Franklin County Library (355 Franklin St, Rocky Mount VA).


    Saving Democracy One Laugh At A Time

    The Midtown Theater, 163 West 46th Street (www.laughingliberallynyc.com)

    Saving Democracy One Book at a Time

    First Thursday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Law Office of Hugh L. Rothbaum, 450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2304

    Combining Food and Politics

    Second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Rotates among several restaurants in Park Slope, Gowanus and Prospect Heights
    Contact me (at mole333_at_gmail.com) for more info or watch the Central Brooklyn Eating Liberally website.

    NYC Focus: SHAME ON NYPD : They lead #OccupyWallStreet to Brooklyn Bridge to entramp them with mass arrests...our tax money at work attacking free speech for billionaires

    Brooklyn, NY Focus

    Manhattan, NY Focus


    Chicago/Cook County, IL Focus

    Chicago Area Laughing Liberally:
    Saving Democracy One Laugh At A Time

    First Wednesday of each month, 8:00 pm
    At No Exit, 6970 N Glenwood Ave

    Laughing Liberally Chicago hosted by the Accountants of Homeland Security. The Accountants are an independently-produced Local affiliate of Laughing Liberally

    Illinois Focus: Ilya Sheyman for Congress (IL-10) (Democracy for America Endorsement)...more here (2012 endorsement)

    Illinois Focus: Bill Foster for Congress (IL-11) (2012 endorsement)...Check out other people and organizations endorsing scientist and entrepreneur Bill Foster for Congress.


    Michigan Focus: George Brown for Jackson City Council - Ward 4 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 Endorsement)

    Michigan Focus: Kyle DuBuc for Royal Oak City Commissioner (Progressive Majority Endorsement, Peace Corps volunteer) (2011 endorsement)

    Michigan Focus: Mamie Moore for Highland Park City Council (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

    Michigan Focus: Zack Stanton for New Baltimore City Council (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)


    Broward County, FL Focus

    Miami, FL Focus

    Florida Focus: Alan Grayson for Congress (2012 endorsement)


    Colorado Focus: Teachers Union Makes School Board Endorsements...Please pay attention to local elections like this. They are critical!

    Colorado Focus: Alfonso Nunez for Aurora City Council - Ward 5 (Progressive Majority Endorsement, Firefighter) (2011 Endorsement)


    Pennsylvania Focus: Jason Salus for Montgomery County Treasurer (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 Endorsement)


    New Jersey: One Million Additional Young Adults Have Health Coverage Because of the Affordable Care Act


    Wisconsin Focus: Republican Corruption Continues Unabated: Big Raises for Walker Appointees Up the Ante of the FBI's Wisconsin Corruption Investigation.

    LET'S KEEP THE FIGHT GOING IN WISCONSIN: Below are some local Dem organizations in Wisconsin. Help them out!

    Democratic Party of Milwaukee County:

    Our general membership meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the fourth Monday of most months. Check our calendar for exact dates. We meet in the Hall of Fame Room of the Pettit National Ice Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park, 500 S. 84th Street. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Oconomowoc Dems Breakfast
    First Saturday of each month, 10am – 11am
    The Depot/Maxims Restaurant, Hwy 67 and Main St., Oconomowoc

    Winnebago Dems Monthly Meeting
    Second Wednesday of every month, August 10, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
    Delta Restaurant - 515 N Sawyer St, Oshkosh, WI

    Winnebago County Democratic Party Unity Breakfast
    Last Friday of Each Month, 7:00am – 8:30am
    B J Clancy's Restaurant - 3341 S Oneida St - Appleton, WI 54915

    Click here to find out more about the Winnebego County, Wisconsin Democratic Party

    Waukesha County Democratic Party

    Monthly meetings held every 3rd Thursday of the month, except in July
    Waukesha Labor Temple.
    Contact us at websupport@waukeshadems.org

    Ozaukee County Democrats
    The Ozaukee County Democrats will be holding monthly meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm on the lower level of the the Cedarburg City Hall.


    Washington State Focus: Richard Mitchell for King County Council. (Progressive Majority and Sierra Club Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Ryan Mello for Tacoma City Council, Pos. 8 At-large (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Joe McDermott for King County Council - District 8 (Progressive Majority, Washington Conservation Voters, NARAL, Teamsters and SEIU Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Cathy Lehman for Bellingham City Council - Ward 3 (Progressive Majority and Sierra Club Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Stephanie Wright for Snohomish County Council - District 3 (Progressive Majority, Deputy Sheriff's Association, Sierra Club and AFL-CIO Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Rob Gelder for Kitsap County Commissioner - District 1 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Richard Rush for Spokane City Council - District 2 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Ben Stuckart for Spokane City Council President (Progressive Majority, Spokane Regional Labor Council, NARAL, and Spokane Firefighters Local 29 Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: David Stalheim Whatcom for County Executive (Progressive Majority, Teamsters, Planned Parenthood and Sierra Club Endorsements) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Othman Heibe SeaTac City Council - Position 3 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)

    Washington State Focus: Joy Jones for Spokane City Council - District 3, Position 1 (Progressive Majority, Spokane Regional Labor Council, and Spokane Fire Fighters Local 29 Endorsements, CRITICAL RACE) (2011 endorsement)...this race is critical for achieving a Democratic and progressive majority in the Spokane city council

    Washington State Focus: Christina Maginnis for Whatcom County Council - District 2, Position B (Progressive Majority, Sierra Club and Democracy for America Endorsements, CRITICAL RACE) (2011 endorsement)...this race is critical for pushing back against Teabagger gains in Whatcom county. A true progressive vs teabagger race!

    Washington State Focus: Mia Gregerson for SeaTac City Council - Position 7 (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)


    Minnesota Focus: Joe Tatalovich for St. Louis Park School Board (Progressive Majority Endorsement, CRITICAL RACE) (2011 endorsement)...I feel all judicial and school board races are critical but too often ignored, and we need more progressives elected to these positions.


    Atlanta, GA Focus

    Get more involved in Georgia Politics through Young Democrats of Georgia:

    Members of the organization strive to make a positive difference in the community by working within the political process and upholding the principles of the Democratic Party. The membership base reflects the broad diversity of Georgia and the party, including high school students, college students, young workers, professionals and families.

    Find your local chapter here

    I want to particularly highlight:

    Kennesaw State University Young Democrats:

    The KSU Democrats is the premiere progressive student organization at Kennesaw State University that strives to make a difference in aspects that affect our everyday lives. Two of our main goals include representing the democratic voice on campus, and educating students about recent political information.

    Check out their calendar of events here.



    South Carolina Focus: Top Three Infrastructure Concerns For South Carolina


    Arizona Focus: Learn how to run for office, run a campaign, and win elections: The Arizona Progressive Candidate Training Program

    Arizona Focus: Jonathan Rothschild for Tuscon Mayor (Progressive Majority Endorsement) (2011 endorsement)


    Des Moines Food Co-op Now Open

    Iowa Focus: Sustainable Agriculture Events



    Nevada Focus: Affordable Health Care Act for America is helping



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