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  • Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    New York Focus: David Weprin for Congress (NY-9)

    I was never a huge fan of Anthony Weiner. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes the guy could be brilliant. He slammed the Republicans in ways they sure deserved to be slammed. He called bullshit on Republicans more often than almost anyone, and believe me we need more people to call bullshit on the greedy bunch of Billionaire Koch Brothers lackeys that is the modern Republican party. Plus, the scandal that brought Weiner down, though it showed Weiner's stupider side, also showed the deep, deep, deep hypocrisy of the Greedy Oil Party who some how think Weiner's flirtatious texting is somehow worse than David "diaper" Vitter's hiring prostitutes and Newt Gingrich's and John Boehner's flat out cheating on their wives. As long as Republicans are led by the likes of lying, cheating Boehner they have NO RIGHT to complain about Weiner.

    All that said, Weiner is out of the picture and presumably will not be in the public eye for awhile.

    The special election for Weiner's seat pits Republican Bob Turner, a typical greedy, anti-working class, anti-middle class, right wing lackey of the Billionaire Koch Brothers, against Assemblyman David Weprin, a conservative-leaning but very thoughtful orthodox Jew who has served New York as Deputy Superintendent of Banks and Secretary of the Banking Board for New York State under Mario Cuomo, Queens City Councilman, and then in the Assembly. To me it is a pretty easy choice. Weprin has the experience, intelligence and dedication to be in Congress. Turner has nothing but typical Greedy Oil Party Herbert Hoover era crap that Weiner would call bullshit on.

    My main encounter with David Weprin was when he was running for Comptroller. I did not support Weprin because I thought John Liu was better. And I stand by that choice. But I was impressed with David Weprin even though I wasn't supporting him. To me his main fault was he leaned a bit too conservative for my tastes (which probably will play well in the district) and he is a bit on the boring side. But he also struck me as very intelligent and about as honest as New York politicians get, which may be damning with faint praise, but he seemed okay. But what REALLY impressed me was the fact that he was clearly able to separate his role as a Democratic politician in NYC from his personal, conservative religious views. Unlike many politicians with strong religious convictions, Weprin takes the separation of Church and State seriously and is able to separate his personal orthodox Jewish values from his job representing a district. Weprin openly supported marriage equality despite his orthodox Jewish background, which to me shows a strength of character and thoughtfulness that would be welcome in Congress. I am sick and tired of religious politicians insisting on shoving their personal religious views down the throats of Americans. David Weprin won't do that and I respect that from him.

    He may not be the progressive champion many saw in Weiner, but then again Weiner wasn't always the progressive champion many wanted him to be. Weprin would be far more sedate and boring than Weiner, but though I prefer more liberal firebrands, Weprin would be a good legislator and (bad process aside...and again, when is the process GOOD in NYC?) I am perfectly happy to endorse him for Congress. Above all else we don't need another Billionaire Koch Brothers enabler like Bob Turner in office. I'd far rather a somewhat boring, somewhat conservative but intelligent and honest Democrat than yet another anti-union, anti-middle class Republican.


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