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  • Sunday, May 01, 2011

    Big Businesses that Pay No Taxes: The fiscal traitors I plan to boycott

    What percentage of your income went to taxes? Personally, I don't mind paying taxes as long as I know it goes to good places: education, roads, bridges, levees, healthcare...

    But I expect others to pay their share as well. Recently we learned GE doesn't pay taxes. None. Zero. But they aren't alone. Here are other big companies that love to take our money, lobby politicians...and pay little or no taxes. Some of them have taken taxpayer bailouts from you and me...but don't pay taxes themselves. It...isn't...fair. Here are the fiscal traitors to America: (From Rainforest Action Network)

    Citigroup: 0% taxes paid
    Bank of America: 0% taxes paid
    Wells Fargo: 7.5% taxes paid

    BP: 0% taxes paid
    Shell: 0% taxes paid
    Exxon/Mobil: 2.3% taxes paid
    Chevron: 5.9% taxes paid

    Massey Energy: 0% taxes paid
    Alpha Natural Resources: 4.1% taxes paid
    Arch Coal Inc: 10% taxes paid

    These companies spend billions lobbying Congress, but pay little or nothing to America.

    To the best of my ability, not one of these companies will get one penny of my money. These companies HURT America. I will not give them my money. Join me in boycotting these fiscal traitors to America.


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