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The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

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  • Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    Progressive Democrat Newsletter Special Wisconsin Edition

    Inserting this little followup to my last newsletter to update people on the Wisconsin election results (mostly excellent) and to focus people on the recall efforts in Wisconsin.

    Here is a rundown on most of the races I covered based on labor and LGBT endorsements. It seems like our top race will be a loss, unfortunately, but almost all the others are nice wins. Here's the rundown as of now:

    Joanne Kloppenburg: State Supreme Court Justice: Too close to call...probably she has lost by a few hundred votes, but that is not definite yet. Note that her opponent, Prosser was the incumbent and had won with 55% last time around, so it is progress, but not enough. This will make defeating the Republican anti-union attacks in court harder. So that makes the recalls all that much more important. (UPDATE AT BOTTOM)

    Chris Abele: Milwaukee County Executive: (CRITICAL RACE...this was Scott Walker's old seat, so electing Abele would send a very clear message): Won with 61%. This is a really nice win.

    Jason Haas: Milwaukee County Board District 14 (Another important race...Haas' opponent is a right wing extremist Teabagger). Won with 56%

    Meagan Holman: Milwaukee School Board District 8 (EXCELLENT candidate...she has also been endorsed by various teachers' unions): Won with 66%

    Eyon Biddle: Milwaukee County Supervisor District 10: Won with 56% of the vote

    Pedro Colon: Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Branch 18: Won with 51%

    Terry Falk: Milwaukee School Board At Large: Won with 61%

    Gerald Glazer: Milwaukee School Board District 2: Lost with only 30% (NOTE: I couldn't even find a website for this guy. The top Google hits for him are what I wrote about him, which is a bad sign for him...lesson to all: being the best person for the job doesn't mean you are going to win if you don't even have a website that is easily tracked down).

    Mark Sain: Milwaukee School Board, District 1: won by a little over 100 votes

    Steve Doyle: Assembly District 94 (Dem Primary): Won with 53%

    Tony Palmeri: Oshkosh mayor: lost...don't have the spread

    Mike Wiza: Stevens Point mayor: lost by about 800 votes

    Joe Parisi: Dane County Executive: Win with 70%

    Dave Cieslewicz: Madison Mayor: Lost with 49% (I have heard this race was one of the rare ones where labor and progressives were at odds...I backed the LGBT and union backed candidate...but I have heard Soglin, who won,might have been the more progressive).

    Ken Hall: Racine County Executive: (Ken Hall has been supported by Progressive Majority since he first ran for office): Lost

    Tom Nelson: Outagamie County Executive: Won by a little less than 2000 votes

    Mark Spreitzer: Beloit City council: won...I don't have the spread

    Beloit School Board: Ruben Rodriguez, Mike Ramsdail...Ramsdail won, Rodriguez lost

    Beloit Township: Tim Guenther won by about 300 votes

    Town of Turtle: Roger Anclam...won by a little over 200 votes

    Janesville City Council: Russ Steeber, George Brunner, Sam Liebert, Deborah Dongarra Adams...all won

    Janesville School Board: Kevin Murray, Fred Shahlapour...Murray won, Shahlapour lost

    Overall a good night. Next comes the big recall push. One Republican has already been recalled and a special election will have to be announced. Hopefully we can win that special election AND successfully recall several others.

    To help with the recall, here is a district by district breakdown and who to contact if you can volunteer (from Wisconsin Recall.net)

    Please pick the district where you plan to volunteer and email the corresponding address with your contact information, Name and Phone number(s), for polling locations and shift times preference:

    COWLES 02 EvanK@wisconsinprogress.org
    * DARLING 08 MaureenH@wisconsinprogress.org
    * HARSDORF 10 MichaelV@wisconsinprogress.org
    * OLSEN 14 RecallLutherOlsen@gmail.com
    * HOPPER 18 JonG@wisconsinprogress.org (Fond du Lac county)
    * HOPPER 18 RossA@wisconsinprogress.org (Winnebago county)
    * KAPANKE 32 PabloR@wisconsinprogress.org
    * LAZICH 28 patzfahl22@gmail.com
    * GROTHMAN 20 richard.schwalb@thomsonreuters.com (Include your polling place preference if you live in the 20th)

    You will receive a phone call to finalize plans. We will also continue to update this site with news and important information, so visit often and share it with your friends!

    Keep up the pressure, folks! If you live in or near one of these districts, PLEASE volunteer to help. If you don't, please DONATE TO RECALL THE ANTI-UNION STATE SENATORS:

If we can recall just three Senators we can regain control of the Senate and can end the ugly games Republicans in the legislature have played in order to force through their partisan power grab — unplugging phone lines, bolting windows inside the Capitol shut, and withholding the paychecks of Democratic legislators.

    I recommend donating $14 to the effort in honor of the 14 Democratic State Senators who did their best to block the Republican anti-union bill and forced the Republicans to act illegally to pass it. Of course if you can donate more, do it!

    And let's not forget the fight in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. You can donate to fight on a broader front as well.

    UPDATE: Provisionally Joanne Kloppenburg is in the lead, but this will go to a recount, so anything can happen when the margin of victory is only a couple of hundred votes.

    UPDATE 2: Of course the Republicans in Waukesha County have suddenly pulled more than 7000 votes out of thin air. Have no idea where that little trick will go. At a bare minimum it shows incompetence on their part. At worst it is outright fraud. Time will tell what will happen...possibly a long time. Might be worth helping the Waukesha County Democratic Party since they are going to be at the forefront of trying to beat the Republican incompetence and/or fraud in Waukesha county. Give a small donation...it can do wonders for local parties like this.

    Here is a county by county breakdown of the Supreme Court race:

    Regardless of the Supreme Court race, we won big in most places in Wisconsin and the recalls are going well. Please help the recalls either with your time or a donation. The future of America itself is at stake.



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