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  • Thursday, March 03, 2011

    Arkansas 1st Congressional District Focus

    The First Congressional District of Arkansas covers Arkansas, Baxter, Clay, Cleburne, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Fulton, Greene, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Lawrence, Lee, Lonoke, Mississippi, Monroe, Phillips, Poinsett, Prairie, Randolph, Saint Francis, Searcy, Sharp, Stone, and Woodruff counties.

    From the Arkansas AFL-CIO: (fighting yet more right wing attacks on working class Americans)

    HB1324 and HB1325: Worker Misclassification Bills

    WHAT IS WORKER MISCLASSIFICATION? The misclassification of a worker occurs when a worker is treated as contract labor when the law does not allow for such classification. The misclassification of workers as independent contractors continues to be a serious and growing problem. In 2000, the Labor Department found that 10-30% of employers audited in nine states had misclassified workers. The Labor Department concluded that the most significant reason for misclassifying workers as independent contractors was to avoid paying workers' compensation premiums and not being subject to workplace injury and disability-related disputes. In addition to avoiding workers' compensation issues, employers may also misclassify their workers to avoid taxes, insurance costs, and payroll deductions such as unemployment insurance and Social Security, which are required by law.

    WHY DOES IT MATTER? According to a 2009 report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, the IRS's most recent estimates of the cost of misclassification are a $54 billion underreporting of employment tax, and losses of $15 billion in unpaid FICA and Unemployment Insurance taxes. In addition to what appears to be billions in lost revenue, worker miscalssification is also unfair to honest businesses. Responsible, law-abiding employers are at a competitive disadvantage and are unable to compete with those who drive down their operating costs by tax evasion. Misclassification abuse involvs many crimes: tax evasion, mail and insurance fraud, grand theft, wage and hour violations, and money laundering.

    THE ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES HAS RECOGNIZED THAT MISCLASSIFICATION IS OCCURRING WITHIN ITS UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE PROGRAM. They have published literature on worker misclassification that can be found here: http://www.dws.arkansas.gov/Employers/WorkerMisclassification.htm

    HB1324 & HB1325 have been assigned to the House Committee on Public Health, Welfare, and Labor. It is important that these Representatives support these bills. The Contact information for the members of that committee can be found below.

    BILLY GASKILL: no email address found - 870-239-4383

    BUTCH WILKINS: butch.wilkins@arkansashouse.org - 870-972-5503

    CHAROLETTE WAGNER: charolette.wagner@arkansashouse.org - 870-561-4600

    BUDDY LOVELL: buddy.lovell@arkansashouse.org - 870-358-4104

    MARK PERRY: mperry@windstream.net - 501-982-4561

    BARRY HYDE: bhyde@hydco.com - 501-371-0255

    CLARK HALL: clark.hall@arkansashouse.org - 870-829-3382

    JAMES WORD: jword@aaasea.org - 870-536-4657

    SHEILLA LAMPKIN: Sheilla.Lampkin@arkansashouse.org - 870-367-6349

    JEFF WARDLAW: jeff@jeffwardlaw.com - 870-460-2814

    GARRY SMITH: no email address found - 870-574-1792

    FRED ALLEN: FredAllen99@comcast.net - 501-225-4979

    LINDA TYLER (CHAIR): linda.tyler@arkansashouse.org - 501-329-8664

    TRACY PENNARTZ: tracy.pennartz@arkansashouse.org - 479-285-4800

    GREG LEDING: greg@gregleding.com - 479-422-8099

    ANDY MAYBERRY: andymayberry@windstream.net - 501-888-3522

    ANDREA LEA: andrea.lea@arkansashouse.org - 479-967-4992

    STEPHANIE MALONE: stephanie.malone@arkansashouse.org - 479-629-5119

    JON WOODS: woods.arkansas@gmail.com - 479-200-3100

    BRYAN KING: bryan.king@arkansashouse.org - 870-438-6434

    IF YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IS NOT ON THIS COMMITTEE, THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE:http://www.arkansashouse.org/ OR may call the Arkansas House of Representatives at: 501-682-6211

    If you wish to read more about Worker Misclassification, here are two links to articles from Missouri and Texas: www.labor.mo.gov/news_center/news_releases/2011/jandirectorsspotlight.asp


    The Arkansas State Conference of NAACP Branches has consistently been involved in fighting for Civil Rights in the State of Arkansas. We are still faced with many challenges in this society. We have units through this state who give their time free to continue to address the ills of this state. However, you must join a unit in your areas and become active in helping to solve the issues that plague your community. Remember, "The Struggle Continues." We are calling on all freedom fighters, defenders of justice and fairness to join us in great struggle. We anticipate this web page would benefit you by providing much need information for you.

    Crittenden County NAACP:
    West Memphis, AR 72301-4027
    Phone: 870.735.6928

    Mississippi County NAACP:
    Blytheville, AR 72315-4329
    Phone: 870.763.6983

    St. Francis County NAACP:
    P. O. Box 2373
    Forrest City, AR 72336-2373
    Phone: 870.633.9484

    Biodiesel is less polluting and has a smaller carbon footprint than regular diesel, and is produced right here in the USA. Biodiesel can be used in almost any diesel engine. Up to B20 (a 20 percent blend) any diesel engine, whether car or 18 wheeler or whatever, can use it. Above B20 some older engines may have problems, but newer engines should be ok. Here are some local biodiesel stations:

    Tri County Farmers: 416 East Cypress St., Brinkley, AR 72021, 870-734-4874 Offers B20 (good in any diesel engine) CREDIT OK 7-5; CARDLOCK NEARBY

    MFA Oil Petro-Card 24: 1500 Falls Blvd S Wynne, AR, 72396, 870-238-3673 Offers B2 and B5 (good in any diesel engine). PETROCARD AND CREDIT CARDS

    MFA Oil Petro-Card 24: 4424 Hwy 49 Lexa, AR 72355, 870-572-2147, Offers B2 and B5 (good in any diesel engine). PETROCARD AND CREDIT CARDS

    M.D. Thompson and Son Co. 218 N. Edmonds Ave. McCrory, AR 72101, 870-731-2571 Offers B5 (good in any diesel engine). CREDIT CARDS OK; 7AM-5PM M-F;

    Ritter Oil: 203 Jones St. Crawfordsville, AR 72327, 870-823-5540 Offers B100. 7:30AM-5PM M-F; CUSTOM BLENDED

    MFA Oil Petro-Card 24: 820 E Park St Carlisle AR 72024 501-676-5154 Offers B2 and B5 (good in any diesel engine). PETROCARD AND CREDIT CARDS

    MFA Oil Petro-Card 24: 1399 W 3rd St Lonoke, AR 72086, 501-676-5154 Offers B2 and B5 (good in any diesel engine). PETROCARD AND CREDIT CARDS

    Stuttgart One Stop: 408 East 22nd St. Stuttgart, AR 72160, 870-673-4445 Offers B2 and B5 (good in any diesel engine). CREDIT CARDS 24 HRS



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