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  • Friday, November 12, 2010

    Post-Election Jewish Energy Renewal

    This comes from the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life:

    This has been a difficult week, but it is reflective of an even harder year and decade. Thirty representatives who supported the climate bill were voted out of office. The fact that analysts are debating how the failed climate bill impacted this election was a result of the failed climate bill makes one thing clear – our work together has just begun.

    In our Governance Committee meeting this week, we discussed what the elections results might mean in terms of climate policy and how the big picture affects COEJL's Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign. We returned to our core mission - Protecting Creation, Generation to Generation and raising energy awareness in Jewish life today.

    Our need for energy security and independence tells us we can’t afford despair in the face of challenge. We must renew our own Jewish Energy so we can advocate for renewable energy!

    Here’s how you can build a more hopeful world with COEJL

    * Support the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Join us in this important campaign to urge Congress to preserve our natural resources upon their return on November 15th.
    * Protect the Clean Air Act (PDF). While comprehensive legislation on energy and climate policy might be stalled, greenhouse gases are still being emitted. That’s why we must support the EPA in doing its job now.
    * Sign the Jewish Energy Covenant Campaign pledge. While watering the grass, we must also grow the trees. Please join us for the long haul today.
    * Make a contribution now. Like a tree, COEJL also needs nurturing. Your support will help us grow tall and strong together.

    Read more of this week's blog: "Our Work Together Has Just Begun"

    Sustainably Yours,

    -- Sybil Sanchez


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