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Mole's Progressive Democrat

The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

I am a research biologist in NYC. Married with two kids living in Brooklyn.

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  • Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Thurston County, WA Focus


    Thurston County Democrats Doorbell Extravaganza:
    October 16th & 17th beginning at 11am

    Pick up doorbell lists at Thurston County Democrats office
    317 4th Ave E, Olympia WA 98501

    Your local candidates need your help. 2010 is not the same as 2008! We need to recapture the enthusiasm that won us the white house two years ago.

    No on 1100 & 1105 Phonebank
    Come make phone calls to oppose I-1100 and I-1105! These initiatives would eliminate almost 1000 family-wage jobs, cut $360 million in funding for public safety & education, and leave Washington State with 5 liquor stores for every Starbucks in the state. Help spread the word!

    When: Every Thursday & Friday in October, from 5pm to 8pm

    Where: Washington Public Employees Association building, 140 Percival St. NW (Corner of Harrison & Percival, w/ political signs out front), Olympia, WA 98502

    For more information, contact Seamus Walsh, walsh.seamusj@gmail.com, (360) 561-8066.

    Denny Heck for Congress:

    Find out more about Denny Heck from his website.

    Chris Reykdal
    Candidate for State House - District 22 (Open Seat)
    Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Thurston County

    With progressive champion Brendan Williams retiring this year, Chris Reykdal is running to take his place as the progressive voice for the 22nd district. Chris is a Tumwater School Board member, and currently the Deputy Executive Director of the Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges. His experience working with the legislature has prepared Chris to be one of the House's most effective members, particularly for improving Washington's schools. Chris' campaign centers around one of the most critical issues facing Washington: reforming the state's regressive tax structure. Chris emerged as the top Democrat after the August primary, and faces conservative Republican Jason Hearn in November.

    Click here to support and learn more about Chris.

    Thurston County Democrats: It's a good day to exercise...democracy!

    The Thurston County Democrats meet every 4th Monday at 7:00 PM room 152, building 1 at the Thurston County Courthouse.

    Go here to find local Democratic events in Thurston County.

    Thurston County Democrats Recommend:

    Yes on Initiative -1098-Would help restore funding for cuts that have already been made to education and health care by creating an income tax on the wealthy (incomes of $200,000 a year for individuals and $400,000 for couples). There would also be a reduction for middle income earners’ property taxes and small business taxes. http://www.yeson1098.com/home.html

    Approve Referendum-52-“Schools and Jobs” measure to finance energy-efficiency retrofits at schools http://www.healthyschoolsforwa.org/

    No on Initiatives 1100 & 1105- Would privatize state liquor stores, taking hundreds of millions of revenue for priorities like education and health care and transfer it to the pockets of huge corporations. http://www.protectourcommunities.com/

    No on Initiative 1082-Would privatize Washington’s public nonprofit workers’ compensation system. http://voteno1082.com/

    No on Initiative 1107- Backed by the national beverage industry, this measure would eliminate the small tax paid by makers of sugary sodas and big national breweries.

    No on Initiative 1053- This is Tim Eyman’s latest effort to hobble state government by imposing a two-thirds supermajority requirement for votes on revenue issues. http://www.no1053.org/

    GET INVOLVED: Become a Precinct Committee Officer

    State law (RCW 29A.80.041) provides that "any member of a major political party who is a registered voter in the precinct may upon payment of a fee of one dollar file his or her declaration of candidacy as prescribed under RCW 29A.24.031 with the county auditor for the office of precinct committee officer of his or her party in that precinct. When elected at the primary, the precinct committee officer shall serve so long as the committee officer remains an eligible voter in that precinct."
    Election of a Precinct Committee Officer

    From RCW 29A.80.051: "The statutory requirements for filing as a candidate at the primaries apply to candidates for precinct committee officer. The office must be voted upon at the primaries, and the names of all candidates must appear under the proper party and office designations on the ballot for the primary for each even-numbered year, and the one receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected. However, to be declared elected, a candidate must receive at least ten percent of the number of votes cast for the candidate of the candidate's party receiving the greatest number of votes in the precinct. The term of office of precinct committee officer is two years, commencing the first day of December following the primary."
    Terms of Office

    The term of office for anyone elected to the office of Precinct Committee Officer is two years, and commences upon the official canvass of election returns by the County Auditors office.
    Vacancies and Appointed Precinct Committee Officers

    Vacant PCO positions shall be filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee. An appointed PCO must be a registered voter in the precinct served. If a PCO resigns or moves out of a precinct, the PCO position is then vacant. Any TCDCC member may nominate a candidate to fill a vacant PCO position. All nominations shall be made in writing and submitted to TCDCC, P.O. Box 164, Olympia, WA 98507 or by sending an e-mail to the TCDCC First Vice Chair. The Executive Committee shall act on the nomination no later than the next meeting of the Executive Committee after nominations are received.

    State law (RCW 29.42.030) used to provide that only elected PCOs may participate in the Legislative District and County reorganizations, therefore appointments to fill vacancies cannot be made between the state general election and the reorganization meeting of the county central committee, which must be held prior to the second Saturday in January following the election of Precinct Committee Officers. Current State Law, under RCW 29A.080 concerning Political Parties changes this requirement. Contact your local LD or County chair for details.

    To apply for TCD Precinct Committee Officer, please fill out this PCO Application.

    Find out more information about being a PCO here.

    Thurston County Young Democrats: a chapter of the Young Democrats of Washington, which in turn belongs to the Young Democrats of America.

    Young Democrats have been active in Washington State for nearly 75 years. As the official youth arm of the Democratic Party, we work to engage young people in the civic process and to ensure that the Party's goals reflect the vision of its younger members.

    In particular, TCYD creates opportunities for young adults to partake in civil discourse, meet local elected Democratic officials, participate in political campaigns and develop leadership techniques. Our organization is founded on the principles of Democratic Party, and we work with our party's leadership to ensure that the concerns of young people are addressed by our government representatives.

    Go here to join the Thurston County Young Democrats


    Here are some biodiesel stations in Thurston County area. Biodiesel is less polluting and has a smaller carbon footprint than regular diesel, and is produced right here in the USA. Biodiesel can be used in almost any diesel engine. Up to B20 (a 20 percent blend) any diesel engine, whether car or 18 wheeler or whatever, can use it. Above B20 some older engines may have problems, but newer engines should be ok.

    Safeway Fuels: 3205 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia WA 98502, 360-352-3498, sells B20 (good in any diesel engine) CREDIT OK 24 HRS

    Pacific Pride: 3231 Mottman Rd. SW, TUMWATER, WA 98512, sells B2 fuel (2% biodiesel) usable in any diesel engine

    Fast Fuels/Acme Fuel: 505 Lilly Rd. SE, Olympia, WA 98501, 360-943-1133, sells B20 (good in any diesel engine) and B99 (good in newer diesel engines) PRIVATE CARDLOCK ONLY

    Pacific Pride: 8450 Old Hwy 99, OLYMPIA, WA 98501, sells B2 fuel (2% biodiesel) usable in any diesel engine

    Pacific Pride: 221 E. Mill St. SHELTON, WA 98584 sells B2 fuel (2% biodiesel) usable in any diesel engine


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