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  • Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Native Vote 2010 Washington State

    From Native Vote 2010:

    Native Vote, is a nation wide resource for encouraging voter turn out in Indian Country. Organized by the National Congress of American Indians, get out the vote efforts in Indian Country have been supported by NCAI since 1955.

    What it's all about (an example from New Mexico):

    What you can do in your state:

    The American Indian and Alaska Native population accounts for 2.36% of Washington’s eligible voting population, which translates to 103,352 votes in real numbers. The race for the Senate seat in Washington is quickly heating up. Senator Murray (D) is running a tight race with Dino Rossi (R) as polls have continued to significantly fluctuate over the last four weeks. Until August, Murray was holding fast with a 1.8-point lead in the national polls, but Rossi now possesses a 2.3-point lead.

    Although Washington’s 3rd congressional district is a solid republican seat with Jaime Herrera (R), the Native vote could determine the outcome in District 8. This district has never elected a Democratic representative, but the primaries indicate that Suzan Delbene (D) could easily change this trend as she faces current Representative Dave Reichert (R). Reichert, however, is currently leading the race by 13 points. The American Indian and Alaska Native population represent 1.64% of the district’s overall population and 1.55% of its votes. Tribe: Muckleshoot

    Primary Election – August 17, 2010
    General Election – November 2, 2010

    Voter Registration closes October 4, 2010 (mail-in), October 25, 2010 (in person)

    Native Vote Coordinators

    Theresa Sheldon
    Native Vote Washington
    (360) 716-5045

    Matt Tomaskin
    Native Vote Washington

    Mytyl Hernandez
    (360) 716-4013

    Jamie Sijohn
    (509) 458-6586

    Make every vote count in Indian Country. Help Native Vote 2010.


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