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  • Friday, October 29, 2010

    The Bottom Line: Democrats are Better for the Economy

    Daily Kos has the following graph illustrating the bottom line for economic growth: Republicans are lousy for the economy and Democrats are better:

    Economic Growth:

    What Bush did:

    What Obama did:

    This isn't isolated. If you look at almost any economic indicator, it will do better under Democrats than under Republicans. No matter how much they lie about it, Republicans can't deny the actual numbers show that they are terrible for the economy compared with Democrats.

    Let's look at the bottom line for most people: JOBS. Job Growth is always better under Democrats than Republicans:

    Growth in the stock market: Republican average (excluding Hoover, to be fair) is 4.3% growth...Democratic Average is 9.4%.

    Note this: the BEST STOCK MARKET GROWTH has been under Clinton and Obama. The WORST stock market declines (excluding Hoover) were under Nixon and the younger Bush.

    Average Growth in GDP: Again Democrats match or beat all Republicans

    Average annual income grows for ALL AMERICANS under Democrats, while it mainly grows for the very rich under Republicans:

    You can read more about the fact that the American economy does better under Democrats than Republicans here.

    Even fiscal responsibility, that thing Republicans like to claim, is really a Democratic value as proven by the numbers:

    Republicans do FAR more deficit spending that Democrats.

    I will never understand why ANYONE would vote for Republicans. They are more corrupt, run up higher deficits, and are worse for the economy than Democrats. Why vote Republican? Ever?


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