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  • Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Queens and Bronx Primary Election Roundup

    Ding dong the witch is dead! Pedro Espada and "How can I miss you if you won't go away" Hiram Monserrate both lost BIG TIME.

    Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate was ousted from the State Senate after slashing his girlfriend's face. Seems that's what you gotta do to be unacceptable in Albany. Well, at least they have SOME standards. Monserrate, Pedro Espada and Rubin Diaz were all at times part of the stupid coup in Albany that stopped real reform in Albany. Monserrate was ousted. Then he ran for his old seat...and lost. Now he ran for Assembly...and lost to Francisco Moya. I think we can now add to his nicknames. He isn't just "Slasher" he is also "Loser" Monserrate. I have to admit I forgot about this race when I did my endorsements. So I don't really know much about Moya. But thank god he isn't Monserrate.

    Pedro Espada may not have slashed his girlfriend's face, but he is every bit as odious as Monserrate. Even election laws don't seem to be sacrosanct to him as there were many reports of Espada and his campaign violating election laws on primary night. Well he lost big time to Gustavo Rivera. It was one of the biggest trouncings I have seen an incumbent endure. Rivera bears some watching since he is aligned with the increasingly corrupt WFP machine, but as I have always said not EVERYONE backed by WFP is as corrupt as they are and, just like corrupt Brooklyn Party Boss Vito Lopez, they do back some good folk from time to time. I hope Rivera is one of them. But one thing I am oh so thankful for is that Pedro Espada got his sorry ass kicked by Rivera last night by what to Espada must be an embarrassing margin.

    Sadly Rubin Diaz beat back the challenge from Carlos Ramos and Shirley Huntley beat back the challenge from Lynn Nunes. But it is hard beating incumbents, no matter how awful those incumbents are. Like his pal Espada, seems Diaz probably broke election laws on primary night.

    Overall, though, any night where Hiram Monserrate AND Pedro Espada are trounced is a damned good night.


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