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  • Friday, September 10, 2010

    Illinois Focus: Bill Foster for Congress

    Among the best of the newer Congressional Reps is physicist and business entrepreneur Bill Foster of Illinois. He may be more conservative than I like, but then again his district leans conservative and he is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and accomplished members of Conrgess. Of course the Republicans can't stand him because they seem to hate intelligent, competent people.

    About Bill Foster:

    Designing, building, and managing some of the most advanced research machines in science, and creating a successful multimillion dollar business from scratch are some of the highlights of Bill Foster's career. A career with dedication and enthusiasm to make changes for the better and bringing progress by problem solving, innovation, hard work, and commitment.

    Bill has devoted his energy to making important scientific progress and to building a business that has created jobs for hundreds of people in the United States -- and now Bill is committed to working hard for people here in the 14th Congressional District in Illinois.

    Here's the latest video from Bill's campaign:

    And from last year:

    Bill Foster has been endorsd by more than 30 Nobel Prize winners. Among those endorsements are the following:

    "The security of the US in the 21st century requires business, scientific, and engineering solutions as well as military and political. It's essential for our national leadership to be able to tell the difference between truth and false promises. Bill has already shown his talents and he would make a big difference to the safety of our nation."

    - John Mather
    Nobel Prize Winner

    "I am pleased to support Bill Foster in his run for the Congress. As a person with scientific and technical background, he can analyze the large fraction of our national decisions that involve technical issues and work out sensible solutions. Often we seem to be responding to the loudest argumentation, rather than the most thoughtful and suitable propositions."

    - John Hall
    Nobel Prize Winner

    "Bill Foster represents a calm and enlightened voice for science and for reasonable government. We need both if our country is to recover from the past period of anti-intellectualism and partisan bickering. I believe that Bill is a candidate that all citizens can get behind."

    - Peter Agre
    Nobel Prize Winner

    Please visit Bill Foster's website and help his re-election campaign. We really need a brilliant scientist and savvy businessman in Congress these days.


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