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  • Friday, June 25, 2010

    Bill Richardson and Stopping the Greedy Oil Party's "Drill Baby Drill" Policy

    Bill Richardson is a politician I have liked. When he ran for President I was sure he couldn't win, but I also liked a lot of his positions. Governor Richardson sent an email today that really hits the nail on the head regarding the Greedy Oil Party's insane addiction to the oil industry and their strategy for giving more and more to the same oil industry that is currently ruining the fishing industry and the beaches in the Gulf. And he nails on the head the fact that Democrats have to stop the Republicans from winning Governorships if we want to block more oil drilling disasters like BP's fiasco. Here is Bill Richardson's email:

    Imagine the Gulf oil spill off the coast of North Carolina, or California, or Oregon. While the oil is still gushing in the Gulf, the "drill, baby, drill" Republicans are trying to set up a redistricting ploy that would give them the congressional majority -- and the power they need -- to open drilling up anywhere.

    Their plan hinges on winning most of the 37 governors' seats this fall -- and with those wins, controlling the redistricting process in a majority of our states.

    We need to make a stand now -- and make sure Democrats win those seats, and stop this disaster from spreading.

    Donate $5 today to the DGA... Democrats can win these key races in November, and help stop the "drill, baby, drill" Republicans from getting a majority, but we need your support to do it.

    Every 10 years, governors play a leading role as states redraw their congressional districts. When I chaired the DGA, I watched Republicans use every trick in the book to draw districts that favored their candidates, and put roadblocks in the way of Democrats.

    In Texas, Karl Rove and Tom DeLay gerrymandered their way into six new seats for their party -- and wrote a playbook that Republicans across the country are waiting to use.

    Now, we have so much more at stake.

    I've spent my career -- first as Energy Secretary under President Clinton, and then later as Governor of New Mexico -- fighting for clean energy and an end to our addiction to oil. And I just can't sit by and watch them use those same dirty tricks to stop all of our progress.

    Donate $5 to the DGA... They will use that money to win key gubernatorial races and stop Republicans from redistricting themselves into a decade-long majority.

    Imagine former Texas oilman Joe Barton running the committee that oversees off-shore drilling -- for the next decade.

    Our nation's prosperity depends on shifting our economy toward clean, renewable fuels. As governor, I designated New Mexico as the "Clean Energy State" and mandated that 20 percent of my state's energy come from renewable sources by 2020.

    But one state can't create a clean energy future alone -- and we certainly can't do it while fighting a drill-happy Republican majority in Congress.

    Donate $5 to the DGA ... Help Democratic governors stop the "drill, baby, drill" GOP from gaining control of Congress for years to come.

    We're not going to drill our way out of oil dependence. It's going to take new ideas, new technology, and a Congress that's willing to promote the American spirit of innovation.

    It's time to protect our majority. Please donate to the DGA today.


    Bill Richardson
    Governor of New Mexico

    I'd say it is worth $5 to block the Republican's "Drill Baby Drill" plan for destroying America's coastlines. And if you need further inspiration:


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