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  • Thursday, May 06, 2010

    Kansas Democratic Party Platform Survey

    The Democratic Party of Kansas has a survey to determine their party platform. This is your chance to get involved with your state party and help shape the issues they focus on. They begin by highlighting the ignorant and irresponsible Republican Party platform:

    The Kansas Republican Party has adopted the most conservative platform in memory. At a time when the state is facing the worst recession in generations and record unemployment what has Sam Brownback and his conservative allies chosen to focus their attention on?

    * Creationism
    * Repeal of Health Insurance Reform
    * State Sovereignty
    * International Isolationism
    * Corporal Punishment
    * Marriage Discrimination in the Constitution
    * Support for Private Schools
    * Partisan elections for Judges
    * "English only" mandates

    Beyond that, their platform explicitly calls for legislators to cut all government services. This is not responsible policy making.

    In a powerful contrast to the irresponsible Republican Party platform, he Kansas Democratic Party is asking you to vote for which of the following issues you want them to focus on:

    Adequate funding for Public Schools, including higher education
    Access to quality healthcare
    Creating jobs in Kansas
    Curbing greed and excess on Wall St.
    Investment and Support for Small Businesses
    Encouraging energy independence through alternatives
    Creating safer neighborhoods and communities
    Creating a modern transportation system
    Addressing climate change through sustainable policies
    Funding Social Programs that support senior citizens, veterans, and the disabled
    Supporting our rural agricultural economy


    Once you have voted, click here and then click on your county to find your local Democratic Party and get involved in fighting for the future of America.

    And if you are really ambitious, you can apply for a job with the Kansas Democratic Party or even run for office yourself.


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