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  • Thursday, April 01, 2010

    Standing Up for Choice and for Healthcare: Targeting Blanche Lincoln (AR-SEN)

    Blanche Lincoln has become so much like a Republican that even Emily's List, who supported Blanche last time around, has very publicly abandoned her. The progressive grassroots has been coming out strong for her primary opponent Bill Halter, who is pro-choice and pro-healthcare reform, unlike Blanche. Furthermore, Blanche has been plummeting in the polls. If she is the Dem candidate, we are likely to lose Arkansas this year. We need a better Democrat as our candidate.

    Bill Halter is running a primary challenge against DINO Blanche Lincoln (and I don't use the DINO accusation lightly!). Blanche Lincoln has done everything she can to stop healthcare reform and has sided with Republicans way too often. As soon as Halter, who is Lt Gov. of Arkansas, so has won a statewide election, entered the race, the AFL-CIO, MoveOn.org and Democracy for America all endorsed him. Furthermore, Emily's List immediately withdrew they previous support for Blanche Lincoln. Lincoln is one of the least popular Senators and is likely to be defeated anyway. We'd rather we got a better Democrat in there rather than have a Republican defeat DINO Blanche Lincoln.

    Here is Rachel Maddow on Blanche Lincoln:

    Here is Bill Halter on the Rachel Maddow show:

    Here is a more recent video of Bill Halter:

    You can support choice and healthcare reform by donating to Bill Halter through my Healthcare4America Act Blue Site.

    If you live in Arkansas, please volunteer for Bill Halter.


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