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  • Friday, April 23, 2010

    Bill White for Texas

    Democracy for America has endorsed Bill White for Texas Governor. Here is his statement to DFA:


    Bill White fights for the people he represents, and brings people together to get things done. That's why as Houston's Mayor, he's been re-elected twice with margins of 86% and 91%. During his time as mayor, the Houston area led the nation's cities in job growth, adding more jobs than thirty-four states combined.
    Bill White made Houston more efficient by reforming municipal pensions, reducing traffic delays, and cutting energy consumption even as the city grew. During his time as mayor, the government has provided more services -- including parks, libraries, and health clinics -- while consistently cutting the property tax rate and raising exemptions for seniors and disabled citizens.
    The results of his strong leadership were noticed nationally in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Bill "mobilized more than 100,000 Houstonians in the public, private business and faith-based communities to help evacuees rebuild their lives with independence and dignity," said the John F. Kennedy Foundation in presenting him the Profiles in Courage Award, "in recognition of his political courage in leading a compassionate and effective government response to the disaster."


    I am running for Governor because I want Texas to be a great state of opportunity for all people. Public education is the primary responsibility of state government, and I will focus on improving our system to ensure that Texans are prepared with the education, skills and technology they need to compete for good jobs. I will also work for increased access to healthcare, as Texas ranks first in the percentage of uninsured residents; a diversified energy portfolio with significant investment in renewables and cleaner energy; a transportation system that helps people get to and from their homes and jobs; and more affordable homeowners' insurance and electricity rates.


    Public education
    Jobs and the economy
    Access to healthcare
    Please see our website for details on these and other issues

    Bill White and Jimmy LaFave:

    And his latest campaign video:

    If you live in Texas, please volunteer for Bill White's campaign. And I invite everyone to donate to his campaign.


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