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  • Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Help Defend Science from Right Wing Attacks

    This comes from the Union of Concerned Scientists:

    Corporations, front groups, and climate deniers who oppose critical efforts to curb global warming are misleading the public and attacking climate science.

    Rush Limbaugh:
    "When I talk to people who believe in this global warming crap… it's fake science. They may have educations and degrees that say they are scientists, but they're not. They're political hacks and leftists."
    —December 11, 2009

    UCS Factcheck:
    The overwhelming consensus of more than 1,250 authors and 2,000 scientific expert reviewers from the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as well as 18 American scientific associations, is that global warming is observably happening and a growing threat to our world.

    You can help UCS expose and challenge attacks on science—become a member today.

    The worst part is, they could win if we don't stop them. A recent poll found that almost 10 percent fewer Americans believe global warming is happening than just a year ago!

    The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) needs your help to expose and challenge these attacks on science. Please become a member of UCS today.

    This all-out war on science is being waged by the oil and coal industry, vocal media pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and the media outlets who allow their fraudulent claims to go unchecked.

    But we have two things our opponents don't—scientific facts and dedicated supporters like you! Please become a member of UCS today.

    With your support, UCS is organizing scientists from around the country to beat back propaganda and educate decision makers and the public about the real facts on global warming.

    But as you know, we don't have much time. Unchecked climate change could saddle taxpayers with hundreds of billions of dollars in damages—from flooding and storm damage to health care costs and agricultural losses.

    We must act now to stand up to vocal global warming deniers and advance science-based solutions that can rein in global warming pollution. Please become a member of UCS today.

    With your membership donation, UCS will work to reduce U.S. global warming pollution by:

    * Increasing the nation's use of clean, renewable energy and decreasing its use of dirty coal.

    * Ensuring automakers meet new emission reduction and fuel economy standards while providing consumers with cleaner car options.

    * Advocating for sustainable agricultural practices that protect our air, water, and soil, and help reduce global warming emissions.

    Thank you for your support of UCS and our work for a healthy environment and a safer world. Please become a member today.

    Kevin Knobloch

    I have been a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists for years now. They are an excellent group and hope you can help them out if you can.


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