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  • Saturday, December 12, 2009

    New York State Senate Focus: Some good State Senators

    This was highlighted on Daily Kos. In the amazing dysfunction of Albany, there are a handful of decent folks. Though, as I will point out, even those decent folks have some unsavory connections...almost inevitable in Albany I suppose.

    Here are statements from some of the better NY State Senators on Marriage Equality.

    Senator Diane Savino:

    I know Diane Savino somewhat, and have found her intelligent and open to dissenting views. She and I have disagreed when it comes to candidates to support in primary elections. She tends to follow the Democratic machine pretty lockstep, which is her one big flaw. But collaboration with a corrupt machine aside (and I have no reason to suspect she herself has shared in that corruption, merely gone along with the people in power) she is excellent.

    Eric Adams:

    I know Eric Adams somewhat better than I know Diane Savino, though have had fewer detailed discussions with him. Eric Adams combines strong ties to the NYPD with strong ties to the New York Civil Liberties Union, a combination I consider very valuable. Eric Adams is also unwilling to go against the corrupt party machine, but unlike Savino, I think Adams has the clout to go against them if and when he wishes. And I have predicted for some time that in the end he may well do so. However, he has also shown a loyalty to another State Senator, Hiram Monerrate, which I consider blind to the point of outright denial. Monserrate has proven to be one of the most disgusting bigots as well as an abuser of women, yet because he is also a cop turned State Senator, Eric Adams has remained loyal to him. However, loyalties to some unsavory people aside, I have agreed with Eric Adams on most issues and he is one of the few local politicians who can unite the machine and the reformers behind him. It is this ability that leads me to believe he is our best bet to see the machine changed in the long run...if and when Adams decides to exert more influence.

    Ruth Hassell-Thompson:

    I don't know Ruth Hassell-Thompson, but her speech was excellent.

    I also want to add a couple of state senators not included in the Daily Kos article.

    Daniel Squadron:

    Senator Squadron issued this statement after the vote:

    Today was capped with a grave disappointment for me, as marriage equality was defeated on the floor of the Senate. I voted, and argued, and fought for passage of the bill. I am deeply disappointed that we did not win marriage equality this afternoon, but I am committed to winning over my colleagues, bringing the bill back to the floor, and expanding equal rights to all New Yorkers.

    We also voted on other vital pieces of legislation in the Senate today.

    The deficit reduction bill was difficult--because the cuts are both painful and unfortunately just the beginning.

    We did successfully pass a bill to reform state government by making public authorities more transparent and more accountable.

    There remains much unfinished business: marriage equality, housing, ethics and much more.

    I look forward to working with you to accomplish those vital goals.

    My main concern about Squadron is his ties to the Working Families Party, which has shown itself to be a highly corrupt organization (for the most recent details, see here, here, here and here...for earlier background, see here and here). However, WFP ties aside, I have found Squadron to be a thoughtful and intelligent person. I also should say that he has been very responsive when contacted.

    Finally, I would like to give a special plug to my own State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, who has consistently been willing to face opposition in her district to gay rights with her characteristically straightforward and honest manner. Daily Kos didn't pick up on her comments, but here she is:


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