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  • Thursday, October 15, 2009

    The Greening of Detroit, MI

    This comes from Carbon Fund:

    Detroit Gets Help from City’s ‘Greening’ Volunteers
    Mention the city of Detroit to most people and the reaction you get can be negative as the city has been hit hard by the economic downturn. However, even in what could be seen as the hardest of times, there is a dedicated group of residents working to improve the city.

    For 20 years, The Greening of Detroit has been hard at work to inspire others to create a greener Detroit through tree planting, education, building community capacity and related work. What has been undertaken are excellent examples of what a community can do and what can be accomplished within an urban space. They have cultivated gardens, planted trees in parks and schools, and worked to turn vacant lots into thriving green spaces.

    The Urban Farm at Romanowski Park is the type of project that you would never expect to find in Detroit if you only knew the city from some recent profiles. The Farm has become a community centerpiece with a functioning farm plot and a program that teaches local youths how urban gardening can play an important role in combating hunger and improving nutrition.

    Esurance, one of our CarbonFree® Partners, has been working with The Greening of Detroit for the past few years and is a major sponsor of the organization’s 20th Anniversary including the current Fall Planting Palooza. There will be tree planting every Saturday this fall through the end of November. If you live in the Detroit metro area or will be in the area on an upcoming Saturday, you can volunteer by contacting Anthony Todd, Volunteer Coordinator for The Greening of Detroit, at (313) 237-8733.


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