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  • Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Carbon Neutral Batteries

    In the past I have advocated Carbon Neutral coffee for my readers who drink coffee.

    Now I find carbon neutral batteries. They even have a cool name: venom batteries. From Carbonfund.org:

    Venom Batteries a Carbon Neutral Alternative to Disposables

    Venom Power’s Eco Alkalines™ brand batteries for consumer electronics are now certified carbon neutral by Carbonfund.org. This means we all now have a carbon neutral alternative to conventional disposable batteries. As with other dry-cell batteries you may have, these batteries are recyclable. They now carry our product certification label, the first carbon neutral label in the US!

    Venom Batteries are designed to perform dependably, while having 0% mercury, cadmium or lead. The batteries are carbon neutral after a rigorous product life-cycle assessment, and offsetting the carbon footprint of the batteries. Venom is supporting Carbonfund.org and Paso Pacifico’s Return to Forest project in Nicaragua. Validated to the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards with Gold Distinction, the reforestation project is reconnecting critical biological corridors on the Pacific coast, as well as sequestering about 170,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

    Eco Alkalines™ will begin shipping to retailers in North America in the fourth quarter of this year, and we’ll update you on where you’ll be able to buy them. You can also visit Venom Power on the web, and learn more about our project, Return to Forest.

    Carbon free coffee, compact fluorescent lightbulbs and carbon free batteries all are small ways you can be contributing to a better future for our children and grandchildren.


    Anonymous HP Laptop Batteries said...

    I think the Venom Carbon Neutral batteries will definitely be much safer than the alternative choice of Nuclear batteries. The Nuclear ones do last almost 150,000 times longer than the carbon neutral ones, but they are just generally unsafe. I do not think that the people are ready yet for nuclear batteries and there really should be strict and rugged testing on them for an extended length of time to guarantee the safety of the user (not that cell phones are totally safe either).

    1:10 PM  

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