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  • Saturday, August 29, 2009

    Florida Focus: Columbian Drug Cartel for Charlie Crist?

    Caught this on Daily Kos: Seems Sheriff Mike Scott (who was brought in front of the cameras to support McCain/Palin) and Dick Spence, a major Republican fundraiser (including raising half a million for Charlie Crist) may well be tied to the Columbian Cali drug cartel. From The News-Press:

    Phone records and interviews reveal a tight personal bond, which branched into campaign involvement and possibly influence over personnel actions. A corruption investigation targeting the felon, Dick Spence, and his relationship with local law enforcement officials was under way earlier this year when Scott demoted, transferred or fired several deputies connected to it.

    Spence was convicted in 1995 in New York of laundering more than $100 million for the Colombian Cali Cartel, a violent drug smuggling organization that Time Magazine in 1991 tagged as the No. 1 supplier of cocaine to the U.S. and Europe. According to federal indictments, Spence, along with two lawyers, recruited 20 money couriers to help launder the cartel's money into offshore accounts. Spence cooperated with authorities and served 36 months in prison before moving to Lee County.

    This is yet ANOTHER criminal with intimate ties to the Republican Party. Charlie Christ sure has sleazy friends!


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