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  • Thursday, June 04, 2009

    Dr. George Tiller

    This is Planned Parenthood's statement on the murder of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas:

    I am writing today to share my deep, personal sadness and that of the entire Planned Parenthood family about the murder of Dr. George Tiller this morning in Kansas.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and those close to him who are suffering a personal tragedy.

    Dr. Tiller was the epitome of high quality medical care underscored by deep compassion for his patients. While he was not a Planned Parenthood provider, Dr. Tiller provided critical reproductive health care services, including abortion services, to women facing some of the most difficult medical circumstances. He was continually harassed by abortion opponents for much of his career - his clinic was burned down, he was shot by a health center protestor, and he was recently targeted for investigation only to be acquitted by a jury just a few months ago.

    None of this stopped George Tiller from his commitment to providing women and their families with compassionate care that others were unwilling to offer.

    His death is an enormous loss for the patients who relied on him, his dedicated staff, and the medical community. And it is also a loss for each of us for whom Dr. Tiller represented courage against unbelievable adversity.

    Here is another personal statement about Dr. Tiller.

    Here is Obama's statement on the murder.

    To read about the man arrested for this murder, go here. One thing that is getting missed in the press is the fact that the FBI knew someone was stalking the clinic where Tiller worked.

    I have known people who worked for Planned Parenthood. There was always some nervousness about their safety given the fanatics that are out there. There is no better way to honor Dr. Tiller than a donation to one of the following organizations that help women's health:

    Planned Parenthood

    Pathfinder International

    Global Fund for Women

    Right wing extremism will be with us for a very long time. Our recent victories since 2006 will not end their fanaticism. We have to be prepared to continue the fight against the right wing extremists. This murder reminds us of just what the right wing stands for.


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